We Provide Vending Services In The Greater Baltimore, Maryland Metro Area

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Have larger bills? NO PROBLEM!

All of our machines are equipped with a built in ATM free of charge.

Our machines accept $1, $5 and $10 bills and pay back in paper bills. 

What Makes Us Different?

Bill Recycling - Pay Change in Bills

Bill Recycling makes vending more accessible for everyone. It pays your change in bills. So now, when you pay with larger denominations like $20's and $10's, you get paid back in $5's or $1's and coins rather than getting pockets full of change. Read More

Guaranteed Delivery with SureVend

Vending's biggest problem has been solved. Say goodbye to product jams because Pro Vending's latest sensing technology (SureVend) guarantees the customer gets their product or they get their money back. Read More

Wireless Notifications and 24/7 Availability

With 24/7 availability and wireless monitoring solutions, Pro Vending improves your operation's efficiency and sales potential around the clock. Read More

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your carbon footprint with Pro Vending. Our cold drink vending machines are two times more energy efficient than machines made just five years ago, and 30% more efficient than our competitors. Read More

Fresh Food Temperature Control

Freshness is never a question with our vending machines. With the tightest temperature control in the industry, the freshness of perishable food items is guaranteed. You can rest assured that products will be at their best. Read More

Why Use Us

Pro Vending Services, Inc. has been built on a reputation of incredible selection, great service and prices that can’t be beat. The equipment we use is state of the art. Technology in vending has come a long way since we began. All machines are now equipped with credit card readers, built in ATM’s and vend sensors to make sure that your product is delivered to you, the customer, without worrying about losing your money. The sensors are activated when you insert your money or credit card. If the product you’ve selected doesn’t pass through the sensors, your cash will be returned, or, if you used a credit card, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and the pending charge you see on your banking app with be reversed shortly. Additionally, all machines are now equipped with the technology to take large ($5, $10 and $20) bills and change is returned in paper bills as well as coins.

Many vending or food service companies are now trying to push a new concept called Micro Markets. The concept relies on a self-service style approach. No machines are used and you can pick up your products just like being in a convenience store or grocery store. While this concept seems ground breaking, we here at Pro Vending Services, Inc. have decided not to deploy any Micro Markets. Here’s why.

  • Prices are usually significantly higher as theft is built in to the price.
  • Leaving products out where anyone can pick them up and put their hands on them creates some sanitary concerns.
  • Bugs or pests have easier access to the products.
  • Product shortages, whether through theft or unintentionally forgetting to pay for items tend to cause price increases regularly.
  • With only one or two pay stations that are usually deployed, there can be a backlog of people waiting to pay. In addition, if the pay stations go offline or need mechanical repairs, there is no way to pay for the products other than waiting for the pay stations to come back online or wait for a mechanic to come and repair the pay station forcing the customer to return the products and get nothing.

There are several other factors that have led us to the decision not to deploy the Micro Market concept, but these are just a few of our reasons. With vending machines, if a machine does need maintenance, there are usually several other machines in the area allowing the customer to purchase something until a mechanic arrives.

So, as we stated earlier, Pro Vending Services, Inc. has been built on a reputation of incredible selection, great service and prices that can’t be beat. The machines we use are technologically advanced, provide a level of security for both theft and cleanliness and enable us to keep the prices down. We provide a custom service catered to your companies needs. If that’s what you’re looking for, please give us a call at (410) 607-VEND so we can discuss the best options for your company. We look forward to hearing from you and creating a relationship that will last for many many years to come!

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