About Us

Pro Vending Services, Inc. was started in the mid 90’s by purchasing a small vending route servicing 12 companies with 50 machines from Forest Vending Company. Now with over 130 companies to service and over 490 machines, Pro Vending Services, Inc. is fast becoming the leader in the vending industry throughout the Maryland region. Pro Vending Services, Inc. is a full service, locally owned and operated, company providing snack, soda, juice, coffee, fresh food, and change machines throughout the Maryland region. Our theory is simple, we provide our customers with a large variety and selection of products, unsurpassed service, all at the lowest possible prices.


Service Areas

  • Anne Arundel County, Maryland
  • Baltimore County, Maryland
  • Baltimore City, Maryland
  • Carroll County, Maryland
  • Harford County, Maryland
  • Howard County, Maryland

If you are unsure if we service your area, please Contact us!

Our machines are serviced Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays (two days each week), Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (three days each week), or Mondays through Fridays (five days each week). The service intervals inherently depend upon the sales volume. Additional equipment will be provided, as requested, if none of the service intervals prove adequate.

Pro Vending Services, Inc., assures that the variety of products in the open-faced / showcase snack machines, canned soda/juice machines, bottled soda/juice machines, coffee/tea/hot chocolate machines, and hot and cold food/sandwich machines are always plentiful. By purchasing from many wholesale distributors, we are able to provide a wide variety of products. All products are either national or popular local brands such as ‘Coca-Cola’™,’Pepsi-Cola’™,’Snyders’™, ‘Frito-Lay’™,’Utz’™, ‘Tastykake’™,’M & M Mars’™, and ‘Hershey’s’™, just to name a few. Suggestions and requests regarding products and service are always welcomed!!

Although all of our machines are now equipped with the SureVend option in them, occasionally money can get lost. The route person will refund money lost in the machines upon each visit or, if possible, a designated person will be given a $20.00 supply of refund money to allow for instant refunds. The designated person will maintain a refund sheet if necessary. The refund sheet should be turned over to the route person when the refund money needs to be replenished so we can monitor machines that seem to have consistent problems. This will help us determine whether a machine needs to be fixed or replaced, ensuring a high quality, reliable service from us. The route person will then give the designated person another $20.00 supply of refund money and another refund sheet if applicable.

The vending equipment will occasionally need mechanical maintenance. Prompt response is guaranteed within 2 hours of reporting. A sticker will be placed on the front of each piece of vending equipment that will provide our company’s name and telephone number. In most instances, our machines are returned to normal service the same day. In cases where special parts must be ordered, it is our policy to overnite all parts necessary in order to have the defective equipment returned to normal operation by the following day. We offer mechanical services up until 8:00 PM EST seven days a week including weekends! We strive to provide the highest level of service in our industry. Service…It’s In Our Name !!!
Our delivery trucks are specially designed for vending. Each truck has shelving units used to separate our candy, chips, pastry, coffee and soda’s. Additionally, all  of our trucks have a cooler unit in them (see photos) used to carry perishable foods. By maximizing space and utilizing the proper refrigeration equipment, we can carry a large selection of products in a properly controlled environment. Utilizing this system will help to ensure an efficient, high quality service that will deliver fresh quality products to our customers.

In addition to our food delivery vehicles, Pro Vending Services, Inc. also has two 26 foot straight trucks in its fleet. These vehicles are specifically designed for moving our vending equipment and are both equipped with a lift gate for businesses that do not have loading dock access.

While many other vending companies use local movers to move their equipment, we move our own. So, should you need us to install machines on short notice, we have the ability to fulfill your company’s needs on a timeframe that is convenient for you.

Since the 9/11 tragedy, we have designed a security procedure to accommodate our customers. Each employee is issued a photo id badge upon employment. This will allow our employees to identify themselves by name and picture to our customers. All employees are required to carry the badges and will happily display them to anyone who asks. If someone identifies himself or herself as a Pro Vending Services, Inc. employee, but has no badge, please call (410) 607-VEND. All calls are strictly confidential! We at Pro Vending Services, Inc. will take every measure possible to ensure your safety.
Pro Vending Services, Inc. is not only a leader in providing state of the art vending equipment, but, a leader in state of the art software technology for vending. Our software gives us the information we need to provide our customers with the best possible service available. Route drivers are issued a handheld computer to be used on their route. As each machine is being serviced, the route driver plugs their handheld computer into the machine, retrieving the machines data into the handheld. At the end of every day, the driver uploads his handheld data into our database in our main office. We use this data to provide us with sales and service data.

Sales data shows use how the machine is being used. We can tell if a certain type item in the machine (Chips, Candy, Pastry Etc.) is doing more or less than the other. This helps us in determining what to stock more or less of. We can tell if a machine is being under or over utilized. This helps us with scheduling the frequency of service to the machine. We can see what items are being sold more frequently. This helps us determine what items our customers like best and what to keep stocked in the machine.

Service data gives us information about the machine. From the data we know the date and time the machine was serviced and if there were any faults or problems internally in the machine. The reports we get help us to ensure the machines are being serviced as scheduled and if a mechanic needs to be dispatched because of a problem or a potential problem. Using this data helps us to keep machine downtime to a minimum and ensure our customers get the reliable quality service they have come to know and expect.

Pro Vending Services, Inc. uses state of the art vending machines and software technology along with good old-fashioned personal service to provide our customers with superior service and a great selection of vending products all at a reasonable cost. We guarantee it. Pro Vending Service…Our Name Says It All !!!

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