Merchant Snack Machines

Reach new heights in volume growth, productivity, and consumer satisfaction with the distinctly different Merchant Six. 50% more spirals, more capacity and new dynamic user interface are just some of the features that improve consumer experience and drive same-location sales. Think outside of the black box. Contact us today to learn how to achieve breakthrough growth with Merchant Six.

Merchant 6

Dimensions: 72.0″ H X 37.8″ D X 43.6″ W
Weight: 610 lbs
Electrical: v115 V, 60Hz, 3A
Configurations: 7-Shelf: 60 Selections
6-Shelf: 48 Selections

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Merchant 4

Dimensions: 72.0″ H X 37.8″ D X 32.8″ W
Weight: 510 lbs
Electrical: 115 V, 60Hz, 3A
Configurations: 7-Shelf: 40 Selections
6-Shelf: 32 Selections

Improved Consumer Experience

  • MEI Recycler option gives change in bills for 10s and 20s.
  • New user interface—dynamic keypad based on appliance industry touch sensing technology (no moving parts), large lighted keys make it easy to use
  • 1-2-3 process (money, selection, change) facilitates experience
  • New “OK” key confirms selection and improves confidence
  • Ergonomic coin cup
  • Graphics display simplifies communication
  • POP window for product promotions or company information

Latest Technology

  • Proven electronic platform with new features—upload/download software and configuration with memory stick, language translation, remote price changes (via Streamware Connect), plus all SnackCenter features and more
  • Seamless integration with other Crane Merchandising Systems products like Currenza Payment Systems and Streamware Vending Management Software
  • LED light option reduces service costs, improves product view, and is more environmentally friendly
  • Improved SureVend option guarantees product delivery
  • New in-line GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) power cord facilitates connection

Ultimate Merchandising Flexibility

  • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations
  • Merchant Media has up to 54% more spirals (depending on configuration)
  • Increased vertical space when compared to SnackCenter for more or taller products
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in ½” increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches
  • Price roll option provides product prices on the shelf—one roll displays prices from $0.40 to $2.35 ($0.05 increments)

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